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26 March 2019

Are you up to speed with the six biggest Chain of Responsibility changes?

Last year in 2018, changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) rules identified every person within the heavy vehicle supply chain is responsible and may also be held liable for safety breaches committed anywhere along...
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12 October 2017

Black Lung Disease: Eradicated No Longer

Black lung disease, once thought to have been eradicated in Queensland, was re-discovered in 2015, hinting...
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12 October 2017

What is an ESO?

An Emergency Services Officer (ESO) is a qualified professional, trained to respond to any emergency. Many...
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11 September 2017

The Necessity of Training in CPR

Roughly 15,000 Australians suffer from cardiac arrest each year, and of that number about 10,000 people...
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7 September 2017

Queensland to Introduce Industrial Manslaughter Charges

The Queensland Government has announced...
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18 August 2017

10 years in Safety: Deaths in the Workplace 2007-2017

According to recently-released figures of...
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3 August 2017

Work Health and Safety Legislation: Duties and Obligations

Breaches of the Workplace Health...
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