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Baseline Training Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a high standard of service. Should you have a complaint or wish to appeal an assessment result, you are encouraged to do so by using the following processes.

Participant Feedback
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Complaints are the expression of the dissatisfaction with the quality or any aspect of the business operations and service, including nuisances, discrimination or similar against another person, inclusive of Participants, Staff and Contractors.

The following are examples of issues for which you may lodge a complaint:

  • Enrolment
  • Training delivery
  • Training and/or assessment, including Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Any other activities associated with the delivery of training and assessment services
  • Issues such as discrimination, sexual harassment, participant amenities, etc.

First instance:
You are encouraged to speak immediately with your Trainer. If you are not comfortable addressing the issue with the Trainer you are encouraged to contact the Compliance Team on 1300 227 354.

Second instance:
If the issue is not resolved you are encouraged to either speak to or contact in writing the National Operations Manager on 1300 227 354.

Third instance:
If the matter is still not resolved an independent third party will be requested to assist with resolution. Third parties may include relevant training representative(s), legal representative(s) e.g. Anti-discrimination board or other relevant personnel. Outcomes of complaints will be provided to you in writing within fifteen (15) working days of the decision. In the event that a complaint has been lodged, an Incident/Complaint Form must be completed and forwarded to the General Manager on immediately, even if the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Fourth instance:
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure you should be advised of your right to contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) by completing the complaints form at;

Appeals are the expression of the dissatisfaction of an assessment result. This would occur when a Participant has been deemed not yet competent and does not agree with this decision. There are various grounds for lodging an assessment appeal.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • not being fully informed of the assessment process
  • Participant’s needs not taken into consideration • the assessment process is different to that outlined by the Trainer/Assessor
  • assessment process not based on Training Package/Unit of Competence requirements
  • an inappropriate method used to assess the Training Package/Unit of Competence
  • alleged bias of the Trainer/Assessor
  • alleged incompetence of the Trainer/Assessor
  • faulty or inappropriate equipment or facilities

Step 1
You must discuss appealing an assessment outcome and/or the assessment process with your Trainer/Assessor involved. (This step must commence within ten (10) working days of the assessment outcome being advised).

Step 2
If still not satisfied, you must complete the Assessment Appeals Form – Part A and forward to the Compliance Team on (This should occur within five (5) working days of Step 1)

Step 3
The assessment is to be reviewed by a different Assessor and the results of the review summarised on the Assessment Appeals Form. You are to be advised of the appeals outcome within ten (10) working days. (This should occur within ten 10 working days of Step 2)

Step 4
If still not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, your appeal is to be reviewed by the National Operations Manager(NoM). The NoM will send an acknowledgement letter to you, record the receipt of the Assessment Appeals Form, then review. The NoM if necessary will convene a review panel to thoroughly examine the appeal. (You are to be advised of the outcome within ten (10) working days).

Step 5
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure they should be advised of your right to contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) by completing the complaints form at:

For more information on Baseline Training’s Complaints and Appeals Policy, click here.