Our Clients


Here at Baseline Training, we are committed to improving industry standards. We do this by identifying the skills and practical knowledge our clients require the most, by consulting with industry leaders on a regular basis we remain current with the emerging training needs of our industry partners.

We deliver training programs and nationally accredited training that meets up-to-date industry expectations and current industry standards.  We contextualise our programs to ensure they align with the objectives and training outcomes required of our clients.


We are driven by the needs of the industry and we are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to assist our clients with their learning objectives.

Our strong ties to the industry ensure that our trainers maintain vocational competency and are demonstrating best practice at all times. Baseline Training are aligned with a large number of industry bodies and partnered clients.

Partnerships with Baseline Training allow our clients to:

  • Deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to their employees to meet industry standards
  • Establish and design programs that meet the desired learning outcomes, relevant to the context and working environment
  • Deliver contextualised and industry specific courses
  • Offer unique and proven training solutions to assist in the transformation of organisational performance

With our core clients Baseline Training play an integral role in the creation of contextualised units of competency courses, conducting training and assessing the competency of participants. Our team routinely review our training courses taking into account developments in legislation and regulation, new technologies and changing industry trends and attitudes.

Our trainers have frontline industry experience in remote and challenging environments and have a wealth of knowledge relating to organisational performance and high- risk operations.

Our Clients

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