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About Us – Baseline Training

Established in 2009, Baseline Training is an accredited training company that provides vital learning resources to workers across Australia. We specialise in real, relevant workplace training by industry experts and veterans.

Our courses are contextualised to suit the needs of workers in a competitive contemporary workplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to give workers the tools they need to make their working environment safer, more professional and more productive. Our aim is to educate workers so they can return home, safe and sound at the end of the working day.

Comprehensive workplace training from industry experts

Our workplace trainers have decades of combined real-life experience on all kinds of worksites. In addition, our trainers spend time within industry each year to update and maintain their industry knowledge. Their theoretical knowledge will bolster your training experience, and provide you with the professional perspective you need to take your practice to the next level. Take your renew knowledge with you back to the workplace and maximise the safety and efficiency of what you do.

Staying prepared

Accidents happen. But are still avoidable. With the knowledge, experience and expertise of our trainers, Baseline Training are able to fully prepare you for any of the emergency situations or dangerous incidents that can occur in the workplace. Baseline can equip you with all the knowledge and training you need to obtain your high risk work license. Whether that is conducting the training in your workplace, or face to face in our campuses. 

Corporate Protection

As part of the Corporate Protection, our trainers are fully qualified, ASQA compliant and up-to-date in all areas we deliver training.

They assist in:

  • Training Consultation
  • Standby operations
  • Professional development
  • Industry validation
  • Customisation of courses
  • Health and Medical
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Security and Safety

Our courses

Browse through our exhaustive range of workplace training options below:

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Read more about obtaining a high risk work license

Baseline Onsite Training Consultation

Baseline Training can provide a range of training solutions to your organisation. Our training consultancy services include:

  • Advice on your organisation’s training needs
  • Providing Training Needs Analysis and Gap Analysis
  • Flexible training plans relevant to your organisation’s or employees’ needs
  • Customise and deliver training programs specific to your organisational needs
  • Developing nationally accredited and client contextualised training solutions
  • Developing learning management strategies and e-systems
  • Providing qualified Training Consultants and Safety Consultants on assignment


Utilising our scope of registration, Baseline Training is able to provide partnership arrangements to pre-qualified clients requiring nationally accredited qualifications or courses for their training programs.

Partnerships with Baseline Training allow our clients to:

  • deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to their employees to meet industry requirements
  • be re-assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments

Baseline Training can provide their accreditation services to the benefit of clients seeking quality and cost-efficient training solutions.

For further information on Baseline training consultancy services, please contact our Training Compliance Manager on 1300 227 354.