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Fire & Chief Warden Training

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Fire & Chief Warden Training

Our accredited Fire & Chief Warden Training courses are designed for workplaces that have an on-site Emergency Response Team (ERT). In the past, we have provided training for ERTs in a range of different industries including mining, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil & gas and more.

Do you need Fire & Chief Warden Training?

Baseline Training’s Fire & Chief Warden Training is designed for people who work on a high-risk site that may require an ERT to respond to potential incidents. At high-risk sites, incidents that threaten worker safety and assets need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Trained individuals will also be able to work well with responding external emergency agencies.

Our Fire & Chief Warden Courses

Baseline Training - RTO 110029

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  • Entry Level | Basic Warden Skill Set
  • Chief Warden Skill Set


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Otherwise, give us a call on 1 300 227 354 to book your Emergency Response course to better understand your rights and responsibilities under the current various legislations.

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