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26 March, 2019

Are you up to speed with the six biggest Chain of Responsibility changes?

Last year in 2018, changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) rules identified every person within the heavy vehicle supply chain is responsible and may also be held liable for safety breaches committed anywhere along that Chain.

As Nathan Cecil, Partner at the firm, Holding Redlich writes, “The governing principle is that all parties in the Chain are responsible for any breach if they did or could have exercised any control or influence to prevent the breach from occurring.” The changes to Chain of Responsibility laws in this country have changed inside the last 12 months, and Organisations need to be fully aware of the ramifications on not investing time to understand and implement these changes.

In order for businesses to better understand these key changes, Nathan Cecil identifies the six biggest changes and how they will affect businesses. These changes include:

  1. Vehicle standards (maintenance) is being added
  2. The standard of legal duty  is changing
  3. Executive liability  is changing
  4. Your CoR management system will more closely align with your WHS management system
  5. Industry codes are coming
  6. Penalties are increasing

To read more about these changes, we recommend you visit Nathan’s blog at Holding Redlich’s website today:

Thank you to Nathan Cecil and Holding Redlich for sharing this blog with Baseline Training and our readers.

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